Planet Eclipse GMek w/Gtek frame and OLED

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The GMek is a Gtek with a mechanical trigger frame kit that retro-fits the Eclipse GTEK. The GMek kit contains the Frame, Trigger Plate, Trigger Shoe, Trigger Spring, Trigger Screws and the Mechanical 3-Way that replaces the existing GTEK Solenoid.



We removed the GTEK frame, solenoid and BS units and replaced them with the GMek Frame Kit parts to transform the GTEK into a 100% compliant Mechanical Paintball Marker. It means GTEK owners can make the most of their Gamma Core Advantage and take their GMek Equipped GTEK to any Mech Event.


  • Quick Release Bolt Mechanism
  • Spool Valve Operation
  • Gamma Core Drivetrain
  • 135psi Operating Pressure
  • ST1 Bolt
  • GMek trigger frame (comes ON gun)
  • Gtek electronic trigger frame (comes in the box)
    • Micro Switch Trigger Activation
    • 3-Point Adjustable Trigger
    • Break Beam Breech Sensor System
    • OLED Board included
  • Composite Frame, Feedtube, Breech Sensor Covers, OOPS Knob
  • SL4 Inline Regulator
  • Shaft4/5 Compatible 14.5" Gtek Barrel
  • Deftek Offset Feed