DLX Luxe X

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DLX Luxe X

The Luxe design team has led the way in tournament paintball technology by innovating features like tool-free complete valve and bolt access, hose-free gas routing and cutting edge player feedback with both voice and OLED menus. The progress continues with the Luxe X, the next generation in the continual evolution of the world’s leading luxury paintball marker.

The all new Luxe X builds on design philosophies that have taken the Luxe to the top of the game - whether it be on a tournament field, out in the woods, or simply in the hands of a player who demands the very best. The Luxe X is built with an uncompromising commitment to reliability, performance, and ease of use without taking any shortcuts in materials, craftsmanship, manufacturing processes or support.


  • Tool-Free disassembly
  • Wire-free electronic connections
  • Hinge Ball Detents
  • Quarter-turn electronic mount pins
  • Internal charging circuit
  • Muti-Stage power core
  • Internal Ceramic Elastomer
  • Improved reliability solenoid valve
  • Compact, hard cased lithium battery
  • USB-C connection
  • Single Pin Trigger Pivot
  • New Luxe Max-Flo Regulator
  • Freak XL Barrel System