2019 Season Pass

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Paintball can be expensive. This pass is your gateway to making regular play affordable. Scenario game admission? Covered. BYOP admission? Covered. Walk-on admission? Covered. All day air? Covered. Valid to the end of 2019.

Season Pass Package Includes:

  • Admission for the 2019 season.
  • $5 off cases of non discounted field paint
  • Air for the entire season
  • Admission to all BYOP and scenario events
  • $55 a case rate on field paint for scenario games and BYOP days 
  • OSG Paintball Lanyard + ID Card
  • Two “Bring a Friend” passes. (Full day rental package. Restrictions apply)
  • One Free Battle Tank Rental.
  • Includes the rest of the 2018 season. Including The Eastern Front Scenario.

Get your picture taken as OSG and we'll get your pass printed!